Elon Musk Tapped for Bitcoin Torch

Bitcoiners are asking Elon Musk to take the Bitcoin Lightning Network torch.

The torch represents a small amount of Bitcoin, worth approximately $100, that is being passed from one person to the next via the Lightning Network (LN), a layer-two solution designed to speed up BTC transactions. Along the way, people are adding small amounts of BTC to show just how quick and easy it is to send Bitcoin around the world.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently became the torchbearer after reaffirming his affection for the leading cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Support for Mass Transit in Argentina

Travelers in 37 locations throughout Argentina can now pay for public transit in Bitcoin.

According to the Latin American crypto outlet Crypto247, riders can now use the payment provider Bitex to load credits to their SUBE travel cards. The minimum Bitcoin charge is 50 pesos.

CMO of Bitex, Manuel Beaudroit says,

“We believe that this type of project is of great importance since it brings technology as disruptive as bitcoin to the common people, demonstrating the true value and the applications it has in everyday life.”

Impostor Spoofs Crypto Trading Platform Bakkt

An impostor is pretending to be the upcoming crypto trading platform Bakkt in order to steal money from unsuspecting supporters.

A fake website has surfaced that falsely claims Bakkt is looking to raise $50 million from the public. CoinDesk says it received a sketchy email pimping the fake site.

“On Wednesday night, the CoinDesk news team received an email (subject line: “Bakkt News!”) claiming that the platform was set to launch on March 12. The email, sent from a gmail address and written in broken English, further stated that Bakkt would be seeking to raise $50 million in a second financing round and directed readers to a website, bakktplatform.io.”

The real Bakkt recently raised $182 million and plans to announce more information on a launch date in the first quarter of this year.


This article was first seen on the Daily Hodl and can be found here: https://dailyhodl.com/2019/02/07/bitcoin-torch-taps-elon-musk-crypto-hits-mass-transit-in-argentina-and-bakkt-battles-an-impostor/