Crypto Market

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson says the crypto market is following the same pattern that Amazon paved in its early days.

In a new interview with Cointelegraph, Hoskinson compares crypto’s 2017 bull run to Amazon’s run-up before the dot-com bubble burst. As for when the crypto market will recover, Hoskinson thinks it could take years for the industry to mature.

“It might take 11 years for us [the crypto industry] to recover back to where we were in 2017, but we will be a dramatically different ecosystem at that point. We’ll have millions, perhaps even billions of users. We will be in many consumer products, be easy to use, [even] grandma can use it. A lot of the hard stuff will have been figured out. Like if somebody dies, how do we get their private keys, how do we handle taxes, all of the regulation will be done.”

Litecoin and XRP

Litecoin futures trading is now live on Huobi DM, a derivatives trading platform for digital assets. The platform lets traders take both long and short positions.

The CEO of Huobi Global Livio Weng told Business Insider a number of unannounced coins are on the way and that the launch of XRP is imminent.

“Litecoin is one of the biggest of the altcoins on the market today, and we’ve seen quite a bit of demand for it by our users. We’ll be adding more coin types to the platform as 2019 progresses, with Ripple next on our list.”


In the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan talks with rapper, actor and activist Killer Mike about the potential to eliminate middlemen and intermediaries by using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Joe Rogan says he fascinated by cryptocurrencies and the idea of a decentralized economy  minus the banks.

“The amount of money that banks control – if you just stop and think about what goes on with the Federal Reserve and what goes on with all the money. And how much a dollar is worth overseas and the balance of it all. If there was something that we could all rely on that wasn’t controlled by a gigantic group of people who have a vested interest in profiting off this pile of money. If it was sort of a Bitcoin-like thing, it would be a really different world. It would be really, really different.”


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