In less than 10 days, Ripple-backed XRPL Labs has turned an idea on how to bring XRP to 3.3 million online stores into reality.

The founder of XRPL Labs, Wietse Wind, posted a bounty on Twitter on March 7th, offering a community-backed reward of more than 3,000 XRP to anyone who successfully integrates XRP with the online payment platform WooCommerce.

A week and a half later, a developer named Jesper Wallin submitted a completed payment gateway plugin designed to let WooCommerce users easily accept XRP as a payment method. Wietse Wind reviewed the code and promptly gave Wallin the bounty, which had grown to 4,635 XRP worth about $1,469.

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform for WordPress and is currently installed on 3.3 million online stores, according to BuiltWith. Users who have WooCommerce up and running can download the plugin from GitHub and follow the instructions to begin accepting XRP.

The integration with WooCommerce is the latest example of the grassroots efforts of the XRP community.

The avid developer Wietse Wind is behind a number of XRP-based platforms including the XRP Tip Bot, which gives users on Twitter, Reddit and Discord the ability to tip one another with the digital asset.

Ripple took note of Wind’s efforts and decided to fully fund his new company XRPL Labs for two to three years. XRPL Labs is currently building a decentralized exchange, mobile wallet and cold storage operating system, and additional undisclosed projects.


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