Bitstamp Announces the Introduction of Bitcoin Cash Trading by This Month

Bitstamp has declared a statement claiming that it is planning to introduce the trading pairs of BCH (Bitcoin Cash) by the end of September. Bitstamp has noted the high demand of bitcoin cash amongst the customers and it serves as the principal catalyst for making the announcement by Bitstamp.

Bitstamp made the announcement that it will be introducing Bitcoin cash trading before September’s end. The exchange plan towards introducing the trading pairs like BCH/BTC, BCH/EUR, and BTC/USD are expected. Bitstamp has stated that now the stability of the newly created exchange is confirmed. In addition to this, they have also decided to include proper customer support for BCH trading.

At the time of the soft fork of the Bitcoin, Bitstamp claimed that the customers who wished to have their BCH funds almost instantly should try withdrawing their BTC before the occurring of the hard fork. After the occurrence of the user-activated hard fork, Bitstamp has clarified that it would intending towards the distribution of the BCH tokens to the specific customers who are holding bitcoin during the time of the fork. It also stated that the BCH balances will be brought about to the new customers as soon as it would be considered safe to achieve the same. They would also wait for the time when the Bitcoin Cash system would have been completely tested and would be stable sufficiently. It would be then that they would consider the listing of the BCH. The exchange until now, has confirmed that all the customers who were having bitcoin balances during the time of fork will now be having an equal quantity of the BCH which will be safely stored at Bitstamp.

This year itself the Bitstamp Exchange has considered the capitalization on the growth of the major altcoins by the introduction of the new trading pairs. Last month itself, the Bitstamp exchange had declared that they introduced trading pairs for Ethereum by launching trading services of zero fee for the ETH markets until the time 1st October.