Hedge Project to Hold a Crowd sale


Cryptocurrency is bringing news waves of interest among the investors in the present market. It has a lot of potential and offers a diversity of applications especially in the sectors of fintech and finance.


One such platform that aims in assisting institutions and individuals in accessing professional crypto guides so they can broaden their investing portfolio’s is Hedge Project. It has been established to face the altering needs of the financial network. Cryptpcurrencies have gained a lot of importance in the past few years. An increase in the number of Initial Coin Offering’s (ICOs) and the money that is being raised through crowd sale is increasing along with the increase in the value of Bitcoin and other known cryptocurrencies, has established a new financial era which is compelled by digital assets.


Hedge Project is dedicated in creating tools to help the community of cryptocurrency members, the crowd sale contributors, investors and technology geniuses to abate and proficiently manage the risks related with the ever fluctuating crypto markets. They will offer detailed information through crypto baskets, trade keys and single derivatives. Hedge Project is also concentrated on working out a Crypto-Investment Platform of its own, so that the people can trade in these currencies with ease.


Hedge Token offers are quite easy to use, attractive and they offer reasonable options to the investors so they can maintain and expand their portfolios without having to worry about any hidden costs. Among one of their initiatives, Hedge Project already has Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index and Bitcoin Price Index (BTCCX) set up while Crypto Income Index and Crypto Asset Index are still under development.


While Hedge Project is already developing a crowdsourced ecosystem and blockchain focused marketplace, it is also bringing together a crowd sale so it can fund the development. September 15, 2017 is when the Hedge Token sale goes live. The investors will also be a part of this initiative. There will be a maximum cap of 50 million tokens and Hedge Project will offer 60% of the tokens against ETH payments' sale.


The ICO will last for a month and Hedge Project is expecting a raise of 50,000 ETH. The unsold tokens will be burnt so its value is preserved, once the crowd sale is over.