IG to Bring Bitcoin Along with Ether CFD and Bitcoin Cash Trading to the Mainstream

IG Group –a leading CFD (Contract for Difference) and spread betting provider, is on the verge of marketing bitcoin along with bitcoin cash as well as ether CFD trading to the mainstream. As the customers keep speculating without the ownership of any actual cryptocurrencies, the IG Group goes for purchasing and selling them towards hedging the position of its clients.

IG Group has been escalating its services towards promoting several cryptocurrency products. In the current scenario, the products that are based on three major cryptocurrencies are being offered by the IG Group: bitcoin, ether, and bitcoin cash.

The website of the company states that they are the top providers of spread betting and CFD services across the world. The IG Group is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) of the United Kingdom. It operates in as many as 17 countries across the world. Its subsidiaries are regulated by the concerned authorities in the respective countries of its operation including Japan, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and UAE. The platform offers around 185,000 active traders as well as retail investors an opportunity to access over 15,000 financial markets. In the United States, the IG operates under the brand name of Nadex. This platform is responsible for facilitating around 8 million transactions every month.

The users are able to speculate the overall price of both bitcoin cash and bitcoin against the EUR, GBP, and USD. For ether, only USD is offered for now. The customers are able to speculate without owning any actual bitcoins as stated by the company. In addition to this, it also states that the bitcoin settlement by the IG Group is based on the combination of the prices in real time that are provided by some of the most liquid & flexible bitcoin exchanges of the world.

While several bitcoin products have been in the market since the time of 2013, the IG Group has been offering the ether product since July this year. After that, the company also added bitcoin cash (BCH) as one of its products last month.